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Name:Hogwarts Elite Sort!
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
Welcome to the Hogwarts Elite;
Where our sorting process is permanent; where our members take a deep, analytical look at your application without voting your House on a whim. Thank you for joining us.

Please make sure you are sorted before you apply for membership at [community profile] hogwartselite. You will be deleted if you attempt to join the appropriate communities BEFORE you are sorted.

Sorting Rules for APPLICANTS
i. Post an application here. Every batch (up to five a week) will be posted every Monday but stamped/closed every Sunday. Please be sure to post the application itself under a cut. Bold your questions or your answers, not both. The answers need to be thought out and descriptive. If your answers are not used with grammar and proper spelling, you will most likely be stamped No Vote.

ii. Wait for the process to be finished before you attempt to join any of our other communities. You must be stamped first. If a debate comes up in your app, feel free to defend yourself as long as you are bringing valid points. DO NOT flame or start a debate yourself. An Elite member MUST be the first one to question. An example that is A-OK is such:
[Applicant]: (in app: I feel that I am best in Slytherin because I'm mischievous)
[Elite member]: What makes you think being mischievous is what makes a Slytherin?
[Applicant]: Because A, B, C.

This is what is NOT allowed:
[Applicant]: (in app: I feel that I am best in Slytherin because I'm mischievous)
[Elite member]: I feel like you're not taking the Slytherin House seriously from that one adjective alone. I vote you Muggle. (Notice that the member asked no questions here.)
[Applicant]: I am taking it seriously because X, Y, Z.
If you see a member make a post like this but DOESN'T ask you a question to further clarify, do not respond.

iii. Once you've been Sorted, feel free to join the appropriate House and [community profile] hogwartselite.

iv. If the majority of the votes you've received are Muggle, you may reapply after two weeks.

v. Please do not apply as your roleplay character. We are here to sort YOU, not a fictional persona of what you wish to be! It makes things more fun when you're in a House because of who you really are. :)

vi. Please be sure to respond to each question thoroughly (at least 4-5 sentences each). Without good examples, we won't be able to sort you and may have to stamp you No Vote.

vii. After the first twenty-four hours of having your application posted, you may not edit or delete any of your app. What's done is done, so make sure you proof read through your application before entering it.

The Sorting Application

Sorting Rules FOR MEMBERS
i. Please make sure to sign your comment with your name//house in the subject line of the comment. If your comment takes multiple posts because of how in-depth you're being (♥), just sign the very first one. Also be sure to bold your sorting vote.

ii. If you feel that the application is a bit too short and isn't enough to analyze, feel free to ask clarifying questions or vote No Vote.

iii. If you feel that the applicant is pushing for a House, you may vote Muggle. But we'd all really prefer if you tried your best to question the Applicant thoroughly before doing so.

iv. Sigtags should be 500 px max in length and 300 px max in height. No more than that, please.

v. Even if you get offended at the applicant's wording or somesuch, please don't flame. We'd prefer if you kept that out of the Sorting.



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